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Do's and Don'ts of Email Writing

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Do follow to write email

 Be to the point so as to why you're writing, within the first two lines of the message.

 Use a concise and specific subject line. A good subject line helps readers prioritize messages and find them later.

 Limit your e-mail to a single topic only. When you cover multiple topics in a single message, your core message might get diluted.

 Be courteous. We're all in a hurry, but it is essentially important to write "please" and "thank you," and you'll get a better response.

 Don't send an e-mail when a phone call would be more appropriate. Don't engage in rounds of e-mail when a quick phone can resolve the issue.

 Never write anything private, confidential or potentially incriminating in an e-mail.

 Don't introduce a new topic in the middle of an e-mail thread. If you're changing the subject, then make you change the paragraph.

 Don't copy people on an e-mail unless there's a good reason for it. It feels as though you are spamming your inbox.

 Don't forget to proofread. Always take a moment to proofread before you hit the send.

 Don't assume that recipients will read till the end to figure out what you want.

Dont follow to write email

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