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Amish Rai2 months ago
Virtusa visited our campus for an on-campus recruitment drive for the role of Full-Stack developer. The overall hiring process had a total of 4 rounds as followings:
1. Online Assessment Test
2. Coding round Qs.
3. Technical Round Interview
4. HR Round Interview

Round 1:

Virtusa Online Assessment Test:

The first round comprised of a total of 50 MCQ questions along with 1 coding question. The multiple-choice question was divided into 2 categories like below:
1. Virtusa Technical MCQs Questions
2. Aptitude MCQs Questions

Virtusa MCQs were mainly asked from following topics with weightage as:

Virtusa Technical MCQs: 70% weightage which had questions from the below topics.
1. Data structure mcq for virtusa 10% weightage
2. DBMS 15% weightage
3. Java 38% weightage
4. HTML/CSS 7% weightage

Virtusa Aptitude MCQs: 10% weightage
Virtusa Coding question has 20% weightage, it was up to medium level, and each student got different questions. However, I got the below problem. It will be good if you practice Virtusa previous coding questions listed in the Q4Interview programming section.

Round 2: It was part of round 1, but I am listing here as round 2, as you have to clear this round too.

virtusa coding questions 2019 2020

How many Minimum the number of bracket reversals needed to make an expression balanced, write a program for it.

NOTE: As each round has cut-off, so it is recommended that attempt the questions carefully. Total of Around 50 students were shortlisted from the technical round.

Round 3:

Virtusa Polaris Technical round Interview:

In this round, the Interviewer was mainly asking questions from Java. I will suggest that prepare will all the topics of core Java, the total duration of the interview was approx 1:50 hrs. I am listing below here few questions which I am able to recall. and during this time period he asked the questions as followings-

  • What is OOPs?

  • What is Object and what is Object in Java?

  • What is the difference between Abstract class and interface?

  • Why Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance?

  • What do you mean by Virtual in Java?

  • Explain the pillars of OOPs (Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance) with real life examples.

  • Explain Synchronization. Where it is useful?

  • Check whether a string is Palindrome or not?

  • What is Anagram?

  • What is the need of Collection Framework in Java.

  • What is stored procedure? Write Syntax.

  • Using limit of mysql, find the second maximum salary of employee.

  • What is JUnit testing? Explain different types of testing.

  • What do you mean by Web-Application. Explain life cycle methods of Servlet.

  • What is Dependency Injection? etc.

=> Prepare very well you project, which you have mention in your resume.
After technical round total 12 students were shortlisted for the HR round.

Round 4:

Virtusa Polaris HR round Interview:

This round was purely HR round and was not asked any technical questions. You can find below the questions asked in this round from me.

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • About my family.

  • Are you willing to relocate?

  • Tell me apart from your study in last few months.

  • He told me about the training policy and job description of Company.

  • Do you have any question?

Best of luck guys!!
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