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Recommendation :: Take all AMCAT mock tests here, as the Wipro written exam is conducted by AMCAT.

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Wipro NLTH Previous year Pattern:

Q4interview comprises of mock tests of many different companies section wise. Wipro elite national talent hunt 2020 tests given here are based on Wipro elite online test pattern 2019-2020. Wipro takes examination through Amcat. Wipro conducts both on as well as off-campus drives. The online exam is of 2 hours. There are 5 sections comprising of verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, automata fix and essay writing. There is no negative marking. When you qualify one section then only you are allowed to move to the next section. There is also a rule that you cannot go back to the previous question, so it is very important to look and solve each and every question with high concentration. In the automata fix section, there will be 2 coding questions where you have to find the errors and write the code for the questions such that all the test case passes. You have to solve at least 1 coding question out of 2 in order to get qualified. Practice essay well.

If you solve one code, then you are qualified to give the interview, but if you solve both the codes, then there is a chance that you get selected for the turbo round. The package of the turbo is higher.

Once you get selected for the interview, the next round will be taken up within 1 month.

Now, for the interview round, there are some key points one should keep in mind.
The first one and the most important thing is don't panic in front of the interviewer. Be confident and keep a smile on your face.

Next, regarding your resume, don't write too much in the resume. Know more, write less. You should be confident about each and everything which you have mentioned in the resume.

The project and the subject that you have mentioned in the resume must be learned very nicely as the interviewer mainly ask whatever is in your cv.

So, first, you will have your technical round. In the technical round, the interviewer will mainly ask you questions related to the subject you have mentioned in your resume.

Mention at least two coding languages in the resume.

The first question he will ask is to tell something about yourself. Thus, practice it well.

Apart from your subjects, he will be asking about your hobbies.

It is highly recommended to practice star patterns in the language which you have written.

Once you are selected in technical, there will be an HR round. In HR round, you will be asked about yourself, your family, hobbies, why do you want to work in that company, etc. Just answer calmly and politely. They basically judge your communication skills and attitude in this round.

So, here are given Wipro latest practice mock test papers that are completely based on Amcat. It is the best platform where freshers can practice for Wipro recruitment and prepare well for exams. Q4 interview is the best place where you can practice and check your progress on a daily basis by practicing mock tests. It is very beneficial for students, as there are many mock test papers and all, are sections wise so the students do not face any difficulty in solving any of the sections. By practicing here, one can score very much above the cut off and score well. The time limit is also provided here which is the same as the time given in the examination. This is a great way by which students can check how much questions they can solve in the given time and can improve themselves according to the given time limit. These mock tests consist of the most repeated questions asked in Wipro off-campus and on-campus drives. If you practice all the questions in the given mock tests section wise then there is a very high probability that you can easily answer 70-80% of the questions in the exam. There is a high chance that the questions having the same concepts would repeat. So, prepare well by practicing all the mock tests given here and score well in the Wipro drive.
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