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Current Topic

Latest Essay Writing Topics

421+ Essay Topics
1.69K+ Participants
358 H : 17 M : 0 S
286.26K+ Words
Under the essay writing section, this is the current topic part. This consists of all the day to day happenings of the world. By practicing on this section, one can be aware of the latest news as well as enhance their writing skills. It is one of the most asked topics in Essay Writing.
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Social Topic

Social Essay Writing Topics

94+ Essay Topics
1.11K+ Participants
194 H : 5 M : 59 S
175.91K+ Words
Social topic of the essay section deals with the topics related to social issues.It relates to society's perception of people's personal lives. You can get all the latest Social Topic Essay here for practice.
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Student & Education

Student & Education Essay Writing Topics

31+ Essay Topics
173+ Participants
30 H : 18 M : 5 S
25.75K+ Words
This section contains topics related to student life, college life, education system of a country and many more. Students can write their education opinion under the topics given in this section.
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sports Essay Writing Topics

9+ Essay Topics
25+ Participants
5 H : 20 M : 25 S
4.08K+ Words
Sports section of essay writing contains sports and games related topics. Here are many topics such as favourite game, favourite sportsperson, career in sports and many more.
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Environment Essay Writing Topics

19+ Essay Topics
54+ Participants
16 H : 6 M : 5 S
13.91K+ Words
This section contains the topic related to our mother nature. It highlights the topics related to the problems occuring to the nature. Students can write their opinion about the issue and also give solutions regarding the problems.
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Technology Essay Writing Topics

15+ Essay Topics
82+ Participants
19 H : 47 M : 7 S
13.18K+ Words
As the world is developing day by day, new technologies have been brought up. So, this section contains many technology related topics, new inventions, discoveries and many more. Writing in this section can help students in getting knowledge related to the development of the country as well as the world.
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Politics Essay Writing Topics

10+ Essay Topics
22+ Participants
4 H : 16 M : 40 S
3.29K+ Words
Politics section in the essay writing contains political issue related topics such as elections, recent topics like CAA and many more. This section is the best platform where one can keep their thoughts regarding politics.
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General Topic

General Essay Writing Topics

57+ Essay Topics
85+ Participants
12 H : 17 M : 26 S
11.64K+ Words
General topic section contains the topics related to personal hobbies, some imaginary topics, your personal view about some issues, pros and cons of something etc.
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Business & Economics

Business & Economics Essay Writing Topics

10+ Essay Topics
10+ Participants
2 H : 24 M : 49 S
2.18K+ Words
Business and economics topic involves the topics which helps us to analyses the practical problems faced by business organizations. It also have the topic like how is the economical condition of the world and our country.
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Creative Topics

Creative Essay Writing Topics

32+ Essay Topics
21+ Participants
5 H : 28 M : 50 S
6.35K+ Words
Creative topic section contains the topics where you can show your imagination level upto a great level. There are many imaginary as well as interesting topics. Here, you can write the things you think about and show your thinking skills alongwith enhancing the writing skills.
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