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Experience Archives

  •   Companies Interview Question & Answers
  • This section provides with a list of companies along with their question sets which they generally ask in their respective rounds. A company always expects something extra and out of the box from experienced employees and as a matter of fact, you must gear up well and prepare accordingly so that the chances of your selection increases. There are different sets available which will help you in a great deal to face interviews.

  •   HR Interview Questions with Answers
  • This sections contains the question set for the HR round interview. There are a set of very general questions which are always asked by an HR interviewer. And as you are applying for a better job and are an experienced candidate, they will be expecting a lot more. Therefore, you need be prepared with a positive mindset and practice all the questions which are most expected to be asked. This section is purely designed to serve the purpose.

  •   Technical Interview Questions and Answers
  • Here is a section to boost your technical knowledge in every field you aspire. As experienced working employees are expected to be having a very good technical knowledge as they have solved the real time problems in their respective companies. This section is designed in order to sharpen your technical knowledge from the strach so that you may be in a better position to impress the interviewer and successfully switch your job.

  •   Discussion ForumUpcoming!
  • Upcoming...

  •   Programming Section
  • This is a section dedicated to the programming section where programming related questions are available along with their explained solutions. Switching a company especially in the IT field demands for a good hand control in coding. It requires a lot of constant practice and efforts to be good in this section. Therefore, a continuous preparation is required in order to have a command over the coding thing. This section will help you start from the very basic level to a greater level required to clear the interview process.

  •   Puzzle Archives
  • This is the section which will help you in order to crack the last round of your interview schedule. In the HR round, they will surely ask you at the end atleast two puzzle questions for which you need to prepare really well or else such questions mostly doesn't get cracked in the pressure of the interview scenario. This section contains all the commonly asked puzzle questions and practice of these are a must to ensure an outstanding performance.

  •   Post Interview Question/Experience
  • Here is a section designed especially dedicated to you. You are welcome and requested to share your interview experiences of any company which you have faced. It’s always a nice thing to help out someone from your experience so that they may also learn and perform like you did in your time. The interview process for switching the job is very different from the interview process of a fresher. Your interview experience can help in a great deal for people preparing for switching jobs.

  •   Post Job(Fresher/Experience)Upcoming!
  • Upcoming...

This section implies all the tools and requirements which are required to face an interview. As we say that we learn from our experience so that we may mitigate our mistakes. But smartness lies in learning from other’s experience so achieve something better and stand one step above the others. Here we have the list of all the HR and Technical round questions asked along with the real life experiences of people who have gone through the interview process of various companies.