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Email Writing FAQs

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Salutation or greeting is very important in an email. It is the way we address the recipient. In case it is a formal email, we need to address using Sir or Madam and in case of an informal, just the name is acceptable.
CC stands for carbon copy wherein every mail id mentioned in the CC field receives the mail. It is evident to everyone when you send a mail-in CC. However, BCC is a blank carbon copy wherein no one becomes aware of the other recipients.
Q4Interview.com will provide you a handout which will explain you, how to write an email. We have also mentioned some questions and prompts wherein you can practice email writing. Our experts will also give you feedback if needed.
Email writing is quite important as it is a day to day requirement in a personal and professional environment. In order to send your work, receive feedback or even for general correspondence email writing is a mandatory prerequisite.

Once you submit your answer, the tool will evaluate your answer and help you to understand your key strengths and your limitations in terms of writing so that you can improve yourself further. It assists you in comparing your answer based on the average score. Based on this, you can check whether you are above average and below average. The evaluation tab will give you an idea about the following: -

  • Total spelling mistakes in your answer.
  • Total used phrases from the outline.
  • Total unused phrases from the outline.
  • Total time taken and
  • Total word limit.

Based on these criteria, the score is rated on a scale of 10.

The mock test is more like a test with a specific time limit and you should strictly adhere to the guidelines as you will do it the real-life situation. In a mock test, the timer is more like a countdown. However, in the practice test, you have nonstop running clock and you can be a bit flexible and be at ease when it comes to guidelines adherence.
Yes, unbiased answers are always welcome. You can like or dislike the answers given by other participants. You can also suggest or give them gentle feedback in the reply section under the tab practice test after the email writing question.
The analysis tab helps you to find the average time, average word limit, average typing speed and average accuracy/spelling mistakes. This helps you to analyze before writing the email as you will find out the time and word limit before starting the email and accordingly you can submit your answers. The analysis time is dynamic and varies as the responses of other end users too.