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Freshers Archives

  •   Placement Papers with Answers (Candidates Exp.)
  • Here is a list of all the IT sector companies and their respective placement papers are available. Here one can choose the company he/she wants to prepare for and practice the questions available. There are solutions provided for each of the questions all together.

  •   Technical Interview Questions and Answers
  • Here is the list of all the technical subjects one may come across in the preparation of any kind of exam. These contain the most basic level question to quality questions. The proper practice of this can help to qualify any written technical round test of any company.

  •   HR Interview Questions with Answers
  • This section is immensely helpful for the HR interview round. Mostly all the HR questions follow a set which are asked in 95 percent of the interviews. It is always better to have an answer in mind when questions are asked in the HR round. Here is a collection of all the commonly asked questions which a candidate must go through before facing the real time interview scenario.

  •   Essay Writing Topics
  • This section is dedicated to essay writing as there are many companies who take an essay writing test too after the aptitude test. There are mainly common topics included which are all enlisted in this section along with the sample answers. It is very important to emphasize on this part as writing an essay within the stipulated time with no grammatical and spelling errors need real practice.

  •   Picture Perception Test
  • This section is dedicated to picture perception tests which are also included in some of the companies. There is timer for the test and solutions are also available along with them. It needs imagination and writing skills to improve upon this section which can only come through a lot of writing practice. This section is designed in a way to help improving with an added evaluation system after the test.

  •   Placement Questions & Answers (Practice Set)
  • This section contains really helpful material that is the placement papers of all the major companies. Placement papers basically contain the questions which have been asked in one or the other tests of a specific company previously. So, it provides a crystal clear idea of the pattern of the company specific questions and helps in a great verse upgrading the overall performance, thereby increasing the chances of selection.

  •   Submit Placement Paper, Interview Experience
  • Here is a section where one can write his/her interview experience of any company. You are requested to share your experience as well as it will be very helpful to those who are still preparing to get a job.

  •   Group Discussion Topics with Answers
  • There are various companies who follow a GD Round i.e. the Group Discussion Round during their interview process. This section contains the Company wise GD round topics. It is very useful to have an idea of what the companies’ general tradition of setting the topics in a GD round. There is a small setting here to raise questions and practice for this round. If a candidate goes through these topics, it will be a lot beneficial to crack this part in the main exam.

  •   Companies Online Mock Test
  • A pseudo test is must before one goes for the real test. This section is specially designed for taking a number of tests before going forward in the actual test of a company. AS various companies follow different modes and patterns of the entrance test, this section provides specific pattern wise tests for the individual companies covering all of their sections. An analysis is also provided after the test which helps to improve the areas one is lagging in.

  •   Email Writing Topics
  • There are some companies which go for an email writing test along with the aptitude part. Here is a section which is only dedicated to all kind of emails along with their solutions. One may refer to the answers and develop the basis of writing a professional email so as to clear this bar. Importance must be raised to this part as even after the good aptitude skills, selection is barred due to lack in simple writing skills.

  •   Programming Section
  • This is a section for the practice of some commonly asked programs in most of the interview rounds. Here basic solutions are also provided for reference. Practice of the writing programs is a must to crack any interview. Special attention is required to be given for this section and a regular practice session should be followed.

  •   Puzzle Archives
  • Here is the section for puzzle solving. Most of the good companies surely ask for one or two puzzle related questions in the HR round. It is indeed hard to have the presence of mind in the pressurised scenario of an interview. Therefore, it is always better to have a practice of the general approaches of solving a puzzle which can only be developed through constant practice. This section helps in the long run to solve such questions easily and fast.