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IpInfusion Interview Questions


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Top 10 IpInfusion Interview Questions With Answer

Question: 1 / 10

How ECFM packet looks like ?

Question: 2 / 10

VLAN ID how many bytes? what are all the bytes?

Question: 3 / 10

Suppose packet enters on NIC card,how it reaches the application running on the system ?

Question: 4 / 10

How many bytes is IPv4 and IPv6 address ?

Question: 5 / 10

When you type how request reaches the google server?

Question: 6 / 10

Touch screen mobile phones, when you touch left to right,or right to left, what action to perform,which data structure will be used to store the information?

Question: 7 / 10

Function to insert data in Hash table ? How it is identified which should be used as the key ?

Question: 8 / 10

Many packets are coming having different vlan ids and mac addresses, and learning will occur once for the first packet of same type, then which data structure you will use to store and program to search that particular address has been learned and no need to store it again?

Question: 9 / 10

Broadcast and Multicast mac addresses. how it is ensured that multicast packet will not reach other systems and will reach only to the destined systems.

Question: 10 / 10

How up mep packets flow in the system.