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Amdocs Interview Questions


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Top 10 Amdocs Interview Questions With Answer

Question: 1 / 10

What is your dream and passion?

Question: 2 / 10

How are you able to manage all your projects, semester courses and so many positions of responsibilities at the same time?

Question: 3 / 10

Out of all the projects that you have developed, explain your favorite project.

Question: 4 / 10

You have scored over 90% in class 10th and 12th, then why is your college CGPA so less?

Question: 5 / 10

What is your proficiency in the following technologies?
a) Languages : C, C++, Java, XML, Visual Basic
b) RDBMS : Oracle SQL, MySQL
c) OS : Unix, Linux, Windows

Question: 6 / 10

Which languages do you use for competitive programming and for development?

Question: 7 / 10

Out of C++ and Java, which language do you prefer as an OOP language?

Question: 8 / 10

Will you be able to learn Linux/Unix before the date of joining?

Question: 9 / 10

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Question: 10 / 10

Where are you from?