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Cognizant Interview Questions


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Top 10 Cognizant Interview Questions With Answer

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Describe yourself and about your education?

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Describe your role and responsibilities in your current project for Unica?

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In how many version of Unica, you have worked? Which one is faster?

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What are derived fields?

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What are macros? (Expression like "AND", "OR", "IN", "<")

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How much you can rate yourself in SQL from the number 1 to 10

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What are random numbers?

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What is Index and what happen when an index apply to one column and how ti improve the performance of query?


Index is a very popular method that which show clear increase or decrease in an any year financially or data wise.whereas it takes the information and converts it into the data.most randomly used.it shows the increase or decrease and analysis correct estimation of yearly or monthly by provided information.it is an automatic that which analysis n show financial position in business as current or pat previous years of concern whether it is having profit or loss.it is used in mostly used in accounts to know the business satisfactory or good.according to index method it is very helpful.

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Tell me about yourself.

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What are primary key and foreign key?