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Cavium Networks Interview Questions


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Top 10 Cavium Networks Interview Questions With Answer

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Introduce yourself.

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And briefly about the project and role in that.

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What is VRF.

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What is private vlan.


A private VLAN domain has only one primary VLAN. Each port in a private VLAN domain is a member of the primary VLAN; the primary VLAN is the entire private VLAN domain.

Secondary VLANs provide isolation between ports within the same private VLAN domain. The following two types are secondary VLANs within a primary VLAN:

Isolated VLANs—Ports within an isolated VLAN cannot communicate directly with each other at the Layer 2 level.
Community VLANs—Ports within a community VLAN can communicate with each other but cannot communicate with ports in other community VLANs or in any isolated VLANs at the Layer 2 level.


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What is lacp.

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What happen if mtu size is set as 1200 for interface and pkt received > 1200.

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What is vlan. What is tagged and untagged vlan.

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Ping from host A to host B, there are intermediate router. Explain each step taken to successful ping.

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How you will debug in above scenario.

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What is TTL in pkt. what if ttl will be in L2 header?