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Dell EMC Interview Questions


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Top 10 Dell EMC Interview Questions With Answer

Question: 1 / 10

What is pfc, what you have done, explain .

Question: 2 / 10

How vlan tagged pkt switch.

Question: 3 / 10

How you will do vlan flooding to one particular or list of port only.

Question: 4 / 10

Why we need LAG, uses, how control pkt will be trapped.

Question: 5 / 10

If you add LAG as vlan member, in vlan show in BCM, what it will show, LAG or Ports.

Question: 6 / 10

What is the use of STP, what are the port stage, How you will set in h/w.

Question: 7 / 10

What are different flavor of STP you know.

Question: 8 / 10

When you make LAG as part of vlan, does it apply on all the port in h/w.

Question: 9 / 10

What is the use of ARP table.

Question: 10 / 10

How ARP table look, list important filed in ARP table.