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MosChip Semiconductor Interview Questions

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Top 10 MosChip Semiconductor Interview Questions With Answer

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There was one written round which has 13 questions from C and 2 questions from Logical section that were very simple

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Introduce yourself technically, and about my projects.

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Asked about my educational background.

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How will you proceed if the kernel source code that you downloaded does not support your board? What are the steps you will take?

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Write all the directories in linux that will be visible to you on your system and the directories of your kernel source code that you have downloaded. Differentiate between both.
(Here he asked me whether I am sure of my answers that I wrote wherein I was too confused )

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What is procfs ? What is the importance of procfs? Why it has got that name?

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What is sysfs ?

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What does /dev contain?

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How do you create node for a block device?

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How do you automatically get major number without using udev ? (He asked bcoz I answered udev will automatically update. He wants me to answer by not using udev functions)