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Comcast Interview Questions


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Top 10 Comcast Interview Questions With Answer

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Write a program to implement a circular double linked list.

Question: 2 / 10

can you implement a stack, queue using a linked list?

Question: 3 / 10

Write a program to rotate bits in a byte.

Question: 4 / 10

Write your program to insert data in an ordered linked list.

Question: 5 / 10

Can you write pseudocode using pointers allocate memory for the 2x2 matrix?

Question: 6 / 10

Can you list the difference between global and static variable?

Question: 7 / 10

define code for registering events and callbacks and access them.

Question: 8 / 10

Write a program to swap 5th and 2nd position bits in an integer.

Question: 9 / 10

Can you write a program using double pointers in a linked list?

Question: 10 / 10

Write a program of binary search.