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Deloitte Interview Questions


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Top 10 Deloitte Interview Questions With Answer

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I am sharing Deloitte Interview process (for exp person )with you all .
Though i am not sharing any technical question which ask in interview (which always vary and depend upon panel to panel )
but I would like to highlight some points which might be useful while you are going through the process.

Deloitte takes 3 rounds -

1- Technical round - Most difficult round to check the technical skill in depth. Rather than asking straight forward question they give you practical scenarios to judge your technical skill .They might ask you to score yourself in a particular technology or subject and accordingly they will dig it well .if you come up with correct solution and 75-80% answers are correct then most likely you may up for the next round.

2- Manager round - If you are good at technical round HR would proceed you for the next round i.e. manager round . This round generally taken by Sr Manager of Deloitte . Please pay attention because certainly he/she might see your body language ,behavior,
your understanding about the software end to end methodology.
They would love to see X factors in you . X factors I mean to say that you could show them your extra initiatives towards previous organization/projects where you worked apart from the work assigned to you. This additional work would certainly help you to up this level.This round not require communication skill etc.

3 - English round - Be cautious while you are in this round because this is not judge by individual person rather judge by the score you get in computer machine.This round is also important from org aspects because Deloitte conduct this interview via third party and for that Deloitte has to pay 100$ .This is telephonic round to check your listening ,reading skills over call. on the other side there will be computer machine which will record your voice .This round only happen once even if your phone cuts while giving interview so please check your connection and networks before enter into the call.

I would be happy to provide you further information if needed.