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CSC (DXC Technology) Interview Questions

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Top 10 CSC (DXC Technology) Interview Questions With Answer

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Write a program to rotation a givne number circularly, in such a way that user can choose right or left.

Question: 2 / 10

Write a program to Reverse the bits.

Question: 3 / 10

What is the difference between thread Start () vs thread run () method?

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Question: 5 / 10

Can you delete this pointer inside a class member function in C++?

Question: 6 / 10

Explain major difference and usages of ospf & rip.

Question: 7 / 10

Can thread access static variable in a function?

Question: 8 / 10

What is Factory methods in c++. OR Explain Factory method implementation in C++.

Question: 9 / 10

What is static and non static member function in c++?

Question: 10 / 10

Is it safe to "delete this pointer"?