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    What is testing? why do we need testing?

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    What is the difference between declaring a variable and defining a variable?

    Declaring a variable is initializing a variable where as defining a variable is defining what variables you are initialized.


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    By default the value unchanged means we can give as static.
    Variable which is declared as static and no further initialisation then static variable takes value from zero.

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    Register variables are a special case of automatic variables. Automatic variables are allocated storage in the memory of the computer; however, for most computers, accessing data in memory is considerably slower than processing in the CPU. These computers often have small amounts of storage within the CPU itself where data can be stored and accessed quickly. These storage cells are called registers.

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    Where is an auto variable stored?

    Each program is allocated two types of storage stack and heap .Auto variables are also known as local variable
    and  are stored in stack.

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    What is the difference between class and structure?

    1. Members of a class are private by default and members of struct are public by default.

    2. 'struct' is the keyword for Structure and 'class' is the keyword for Class.

    3. Structure is used for smaller amount of data and Class is used for larger amount of data.

    4. Structure is usually as for grouping of data and Class is for inheritence and further abstraction.


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    Can we create an empty class? If so what would be the sizeof such object.

    Yes, Size of an empty class is not zero. It is 1 byte generally. It is nonzero to ensure that the two different objects will have different addresses.

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    What are the differences between C and C++?

    1. C can run most of the code of C, but C can't run C code.

    2. C supports procedural programming paradigm whereas C supports both procedural and object oriented programming paradigm.

    3. C is a function driven and C is an object driven language.

    4. C doesn't allow function definitions within structures whereas in C function definition can be within structures.

    5. C doesn't support reference variables but C does support. 

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    What is Copy Constructor? Write a program using it.

    Copy constructor is used to declare and initialize an object from another object.
    For example, the statement
    Integer I2(I1);
    Would define the object I2 and at the same time initialize it to the values of I1. another form of this statement is integer I2=I1;
    The process of initializing through a copy constructor is known as copy initialization. A copy constructor takes a reference to an object of the same class as itself as an argument.

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