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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: Sopra Steria


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aditya rai6 months ago

Sopra Steria Technical Interview Questions with Answer

Once you clear the written round and Group Discussion (if it is conducted), then all the written qualified candidates will be called for further face to face interview round i.e Technical Interview followed by HR Interview.
In both the interview, you can expect some basic questions in the beginning like below.

Introduce yourself.
Can you walk me through your resume?
Your favorite subject and why.
You can expect questions about your favorite subject.
What is Normalization?
What are Normal Forms?
What is 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF and BCNF?
What did you like to do in your free time?
About your hobbies?
What do you know about Sopra Steria?

You can practice all the question given at this page, All the listed questions have been tagged by users who have attended Sopra Steria technical round interview.
You can add questions in your reading list, which you can refer back. You can post your answer for these questions or you can review other users' answer, like dislike the users' answers. You can find the list of top users, who has posted answers. You can find the top Kudos user at the beginning of the page. Sopra Steria focuses on quality over quantity, so prepare well in advance to crack this round. Given questions here might help you in your preparation. In this round, you can expect some basic programs or even a few common puzzles. Like every other company, Sopra Steria to focus on communication, confidence, attitude, etc. So, if you are lacking in these points, you must put some time to work on it, Which will help not only for this company but for other companies too.
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