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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: Accenture


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    What is IL? (What is MSIL or CIL, What is JIT?)

    MSIL is the CPU –independent instruction set into which .Net framework programs are compiled. It contains instructions for loading, storing initializing, and calling methods on objects.

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    What is the difference between ++var and var++?

    The ++ operator is called the increment operator. When the operator is placed before the variable (++var), the variable is incremented by 1 before it is used in the expression. When the operator is placed after the variable (var++), the expression is evaluated, and then the variable is incremented by 1.

    The same holds true for the decrement operator (--). When the operator is placed before the variable, you are said to have a prefix operation. When the operator is placed after the variable, you are said to have a postfix operation.

    For instance, consider the following example of postfix incrementation:

    int x, y;
    x = 1;
    y = (x++ * 5);

    In this example, postfix incrementation is used, and x is not incremented until after the evaluation of the expression is done. Therefore, y evaluates to 1 times 5, or 5. After the evaluation, x is incremented to 2.

    Now look at an example using prefix incrementation:

    int x, y;
    x = 1;
    y = (++x * 5);

    This example is the same as the first one, except that this example uses prefix incrementation rather than postfix. Therefore, x is incremented before the expression is evaluated, making it 2. Hence, y evaluates to 2 times 5, or 10.

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    What are the principle concepts of OOPS?

    1. Abstraction
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Inheritance
    4. Polymorphism
    5. Classes and Object

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    Define software engineering?

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    Tell me something about your academic project? your role/responsibility.

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    What was the objective of your project.?

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    What is your role in the project?

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    Your daily activities in the project.

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    What is your 10th 12th and current C.G.P.I.

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    Write a query to select the second highest salary from a table.

    SELECT max(salary) AS salary2 FROM orders WHERE salary < (SELECT max(salary) AS salary1 FROM orders)

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Most Frequent Qs.

aditya rai7 months ago
Accenture visited our College Pes University for the on-campus drive and in that, over 1000 Students attended this drive @ Sept 25 for Accenture Online Mock Test which was conduct by AMCAT.
The written round has four-section like below. I am putting here each section along with questions in it and the topic which I am able to recall.

1st section was verbal reasoning which had 25 question from below topics.
Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehension
Synonyms & Antonym
Idioms and Phrases
Speech and Tenses
Sentence Selection
Spotting Error
Sentence Arrangement

2nd section was Arithmetic Aptitude and it had majorly question from
Ratio and Proportion
Speed and Distance
Profit & Loss
Simple and Compound Interest
Series and Progression
Numbers, Relations, and Functions
Pipes and Cisterns
Time and Work

3nd section will be Logical reasoning (as per me it was one of the easiest ones) and it had a question from the below topics.
Visual Reasoning
Blood Relations
Flowcharts-Visual Reasoning-DI
Statement & Conclusions
Agree/Disagree Psychometric
Directional Sense
Seating Arrangement
Inferred Meaning
Logical Sequence

Take all the mock tests given at q4Interview, also practice all the AMCAT practice questions given here That's Enough..

Accenture mock Test:

AMCAT Practice Questions:

if you want to check your preparation level takes all the AMCAT Mock Test listed here:

It was really good to hear my name it was called that I got Selected for the Next Round…out of 1000 .. only 600 got Selected

The next round was Technical/HR Round and those are like below.

My confidence level increased a little bit but still, I had to clear Technical and HR round. It is not always true that if you cleared written round then you are almost selected in Accenture. You Should have to perform well in the Technical/HR Round Also.

I am listing here some of the common questin which you should prepare well in advance, not for only Accenture even for any company drive.

Tell me about Yourself.
About Accenture.
Why should I hire you?
Sell your resume with three sentences.
your hobbies.

In my Accenture technical round, I got one puzzle and a few questions from C and C++. Most of the questions were from the project, so I will suggest preparing well your project.

Accnture puzzle asked in Technical Round:
If you are standing 1 km away from a tree in a forest, how will you decide that the fruits in the tree are eatable or not?

Accenture HR Round:
In this, I got a few common questions, which I have mention above already, mentioning here questions which were new in this round.
If there are 4 people in a company, i.e,
a. A lazy guy, attitude guy who is a very sharp, hardworking guy,
b. A person who is eager to work in the project.

Whom will you select as a group leader? and why.

Always put what you know confidently in your Resume, as it will decide what kind of Questions the interviewer will be asked in the interview.

And finally, at last, I got Selected in Technical\HR Round. It was the best moment of my life.

All the Best!!!
|| Reply