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TCS NQT Technical and Managerial Round Interview Questions

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This is a very useful section for all the fresher’s who are preparing for their career and ready to face real life interview processes. Here is a list of different sections which will be indeed very useful to clear all the rounds of selection in any of the IT sector companies.

Experience Archives

This Section helps Experience Job Aspirant to get the level/types of Qs asked in Various IT Companies Technical/HR/Managerial Round Interview. You can Browse Co. wise Technical/HR Qs, Puzzle, and Basics to Standard programming Qs."TO READING LIST" feature, create your customized list of Qs which you can refer at any time. You can Post/Refer current Openings at Exp. level. You can Post/Answer Queries in Discussion. You can help the other job Aspirant by sharing you Interview Experience/Questions, Same will be published in respective Co.


q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngLittle Krishna has participated in Eng. Lang. Comprehension Tech Mahindra Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngChethan Nagarajaiah has participated in Full Test Paper Capgemini Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngRaghavendra Rao v has participated in Electronics & Communication Engineering Customized Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngNandhakumar Kannan has participated in HirePro Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngMahalakshmi Golagana has participated in Technical MCQ
(Pseudo Codes) Capgemini Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngRISHABH VERMA JU has participated in Data Interpretation Random Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngShruti Singh has participated in HirePro Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngTejasree M has participated in Quantitative Ability TCS Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngarjun u has participated in HirePro Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result
Guest-UserYogita Jagtap has participated in HirePro Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngdipankar c has participated in English Language Capgemini Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngphani dhar has participated in AMCAT English Language Mock Test . You can view the result
Guest-UserPiyush Nandwani has participated in AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result
q4interview-technical-questions-answers-user-icon.pngKaruna Arora has participated in General Aptitude Nagarro Mock Test . You can view the result
Guest-UserAlthaf Khan has participated in HirePro Quantitative Aptitude Mock Test . You can view the result

This is the feed wall basically containing in brief about what all is happening in the entire website. Specific names are popped up when some user provide with any solution to any section. There are several links as well which may be helpful in general learning.


Technical Interview Q&A

This Section Helps you to prepare for Companies Technical Round Interview. Browse through subject/Co. wise Qs asked at Freshers Level. You can prepare your Reading List by adding Qs/Ans., which will help you to quickly brush up all Qs.

Co. Online Mock Test

Take Various IT companies Online Mock Test based on Previous Drive Papers, all the Mock tests Qs are well-explained, Which boost your Preparation. Our tool helps you to Track/Compare your rank Globally. All the Mock Tests are FREE!! & Based on the Latest Patterns, so % of Qs repetitions are very High.

Co. Written Round Q&A

Browse through Companies written Round Questions with a well-explained solution. Our tool Pinned all the wrongly Answered questions by you. It helps to revisit and solve all those Questions. It also helps to Check/Compare your progress.

Companies Interview Q&A

Browse through Company wise Interview Q&A asked at Experience Level, Go through the Round wise listed Q&A, which will help you to analyze the level/pattern of Qs asked in each Round. Prepare Your Reading List by adding the Qs/Ans, It helps in your Interview preparation.

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