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    At this page, you will get 159+ Brain teaser Puzzles Questions with Answers for your interviews and entrance exams. Here you can find the list of logic puzzles, puzzles asked in Interview of various IT companies at freshers or experience level, you can practice number puzzles, Logical puzzles, Maths puzzles. You can filter the puzzle as per your level (easy, medium, advance), or you can list all the puzzles asked in any company technical or HR round interview or any competitive exams. Practice Logical Puzzles interview questions and answers for software companies, MBA exams and all type of other exams.

Interview Puzzles
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Maths Puzzle
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Logical Puzzle
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Clock Puzzle
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Missing Letters Puzzles
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Word Puzzles
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Number Puzzles
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Whatsapp Puzzles
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What are puzzles?

In simple terms, the puzzle is defined as a problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge. It has become a very important topic for a few competitive exams and entrance tests. In almost every IT companies Written exams or Interview at freshers or experience level has at least 1 or 2 questions from puzzles in any of its form. In a company like Wipro, Capgemini, TCS ask puzzles while hiring freshers, and it becomes one of decision point of candidates selection. By this Interviewer judge the candidates logical thinking, problem-solving, approach level, presentation etc. At this page, you can get all type of Puzzles Questions with Answers asked in IT companies, government exams etc. You can filter the companies wise puzzles, most solved puzzles, and latest posted puzzles. They are devised with intent to test the knowledge of to-be-solver.

What are different types of puzzles?

There are different types, which are devised with a specific intent to test a candidates ability to interpret and solve the problem. You can find here different type of puzzles below:
Math Puzzles
Number Puzzles
Logic Puzzles
Clock Puzzles
Interview Puzzles
Missing letter Puzzles
Brain Teasers Puzzles
Word Puzzles

Which are exams have puzzles?

In any exam, you can expect a minimum of 1 or 2 questions or even more, which can be in a different format. Candidates think that on the fly then can slive this, but they are actually wrong and because of that they solve the question wrongly. A small practice can boost to approach questions in the right direction and they can solve questions correctly. Puzzles asked in almost every competitive exams, not only exams even in IT companies written exams or in technical or HR round interview puzzles asked in a different format. Puzzles are most commonly found in competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, Bank P.O.s, SSC, AIEEE, GATE, TOEFL, Capgemini, Sapient, NOKIA, GRE, and GATE etc. In these exams, mostly arithmetic, math, number, and logic puzzles asked, you can practice Interview Puzzles for IT companies.

How to solve puzzles?

To solve any puzzle, you need to interpret the questions properly and understand the sequence given in the problem. Once you understand the sequence/question, it becomes easier to solve the puzzle question. Understanding the sequence of a puzzle requires strong logical ability, logical thinking and a creative thought pattern on the fly. The key is to solve as many different types of puzzles as much possible to improve the thought process and gain expertise over different ways of solving a problem. Here at this page, we have categories puzzles in different level, beginner, medium, advance, you can solve puzzle question by companies.