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How To Write a Good Essay

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Do follow to write essay

 It is always a better practice to read the instructions given in the question carefully before starting the answer.

 Check if any word limit is mentioned in the instructions so that you can limit your answer within the maximum count.

 Stick to the given word limit.

 Pay special attention to the first line and the first paragraph of the essay.

 After understanding the question and the given topic, try to create a virtual plan in your mind about where to start and what points to cover. If possible, write down the rough plan on a paper with a pencil so that you will not forget it in the middle.

 Make sure that each paragraph is in sync with the topic.

 Make sure the strongest points stated in the starting and last paragraphs of the essay.

 Do not spend too much time on writing the introductory paragraph of the essay.

 Avoid writing very long sentences.

 Avoid using short forms like b/w for between, three dots for representing, therefore, etc. This is not a good practice.

 Do not use passive voice. An active voice sounds simple and comforts the reader.

 Avoid spelling mistakes and maintain proper grammar and tenses according to the context.

 Do not use unnecessary quotations in the introduction.

 Conclusion should not be forced; it should reflect the points stated in the rest of the essay.

 Avoid introducing any new information or ideas in the concluding paragraph.

Dont follow to write essay

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