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How To Write a Good Essay

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 How Q4Interview Evaluates Essay Writing?

The users of Q4Interview are encouraged to take practice tests on Essay writing and answer a few questions. Please keep in mind the below points which we consider while evaluating your answers and awarding marks to you.

user Essay Evaluation

  • Your spelling mistakes can eat up your score. We evaluate each word in your answers and has a spell checker to identify and highlight the words with spelling errors. Please avoid spelling errors in your content.

  • user Essay spelling mistake Evaluation

  • The amount of time you spend on an answer will be tracked. Your word generation speed is calculated based on the number of words you wrote in a given amount of time. Marks are awarded accordingly.

  • Your essay should have a word count of at least 200 words to submit. We have a count checker which will automatically enable the 'Submit' button only when the essay reaches the minimum word limit.

    user essay word count

  • After submitting the answers, the "Q4I" evaluating tool evaluates the answer and generates a report with the points scored by the user. The users can check the report and compare their answers, average writing speed, mistakes count, etc. with other users' answers.

  • The users are provided with their scores plotted on a 2D graph so that they can track their progress.

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