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Essay writing FAQs List

It is always recommended to refer to the instructions part of the question and follow the same. However, essays within 200-400 words are considered as ideal.
Please read the "Guide on Essay writing" introduction and Dos and Don'ts to get a clear understanding of how to take an Essay writing test.
We verify and reward your answers based on the below points:
Instructions you followed: Always read the instructions like word count, outlines and phrases to use, etc. given in the question before writing the answer.
Word count: It is always a good practice to keep your answer limited to the mentioned word count according to the given instructions. Your speed of generating words is calculated by the word count per 5 minutes and the values are plotted on a 2-D graph. You can view and compare your word count with the minimum, maximum and average word count.
Spelling mistakes: Spelling mistakes play a vital role in scoring marks in essay writing. Most of the companies conduct this test online and verify each word of your content using online simulators. Q4Interview essay simulator verifies each word and highlights the wrongly spelt words. It is recommended to practice those word which are highlighted by Q4Interview simulator.
Grammar mistakes: Q4Interview is on the way to launch grammar checker soon!
The amount of time you spend on one answer: Q4Interview assessment tool captures the total time you spent to submit your answer and it analyses and gives metrics of the content you would have written in the allotted time.

Note: The users can read the other users' answers and give thumbs up for impressive and properly framed essays. Also, the users can post their suggestions on others' answers as a reply.
Yes, we give you the frequently asked topics here in Q4Interview. Before adding them in the essay writing section, we do a thorough research. You can filter the frequently asked essay topics based on the company on the top left corner of this section. Additionally, we would request you to tag the topics to the respective companies if you find the same topic in any company's written exams so that this would help the other students.
We also invite you to share new essay topics if you have any new topic which is not listed in Q4Interview essay section, or if it is a frequently asked topic or topic if you were asked in company's essay writing test that you have attended recently.
Yes, you will be given 10 reward points for each successfully posted topic. Please follow the below instructions.
1.You should share the topic through your Q4Interview profile so that you can get the reward points to your Q4Interview account. You can check your points in the Reward point section under user profile.
2.The topic should be a new one. No Reward points will be awarded for already published topics.
3.Please make sure you fill all the details like the company name, approximate date on which the drive had happened, etc. while adding the topic. 4.If the same topic is being added by more than one user, priority will be given to the first user only. And all other users are communicated the same through email. Happy Sharing!!!
If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend you start with the topics that you have strong knowledge in. This makes you feel confident and helps you generate quality essay. And keep practicing with the new topics as much as possible by improving the lacks highlighted in Q4Interview evaluation for your previous answers.