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TCS NQT Technical and Managerial Round Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: WebMethod

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    What is meaning of different kill command in UNIX? what is TERM?

    The '-9' is the signal_number and specifies that the kill message sent should be of the KILL (non-catchable, non-ignorable) type.

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    What is Transformers?

    Transformers are the services you use to accomplish value transformations in the Pipeline view. You can only insert a transformer into a MAP step. You can use any service as a transformer. This includes any Java, C, or flow service that you create and any built-in services in WmPublic, such as the pub.date.getCurrentDateString and the pub.string.concat services. By using transformers, you can invoke multiple services (and

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    Difference between Any server and All server in Scheduler.

    Any server - The task runs on any server connected to the database. Use this option if the task only needs to run on one server and it doesn't manner which one. For example, in a clustered environment, if all servers in the cluster share a single database for a parts inventory application, and a particular function needs to run on that database once a day, any server in the cluster can perform that function. The Any server option is the default setting when clustering is enabled.
    Note: The Any server option does not specify an order in which servers are used to execute tasks. In other words, no load balancing is performed. Instead, an instance of the scheduler runs on each server connected to the database. Periodically, each instance checks the database in which information about scheduled jobs is stored. The first scheduler instance to find a task that is due to start runs it, then marks the task as

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    What is API?

    An API for a website is code that allows two software programs to communicate with each another. The API spells out the proper way for a developer to write a program requesting services from an operating system or other application.

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    What are the HTTP methods?(Verbs)

    GET - to get one or more resource.
    POST - To create a new resource.
    PUT - TO update a resource
    PATCH - Partially Update a resource.
    DELETE - to Delete a resource.

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    What is difference between min pool value set to 0 and 1?

    Setting the min connection value to 0 permits the pool to close all connections in the pool after the idle/expiration time has passed. This is the recommended setting for production environments. This avoids keeping unused connections too long and helps avoid stale connections (Stale connection : connections that the adapter thinks are still good, but the resource has closed.)

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    What Is the Pipeline?

    The pipeline is the general term used to refer to the data structure in which input, and output values are maintained for a flow service. It allows services in the flow to share data.

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    What are the different Setting of the REPEAT Counter?

    The REPEAT step's Count property specifies the maximum number of times the server re-executes the child steps in the REPEAT step.
    If you set "Count" to The REPEAT step:
    0 Does not re-execute children.
    Any value > 0 Re-executes children up to this number of times.
    -1 or blank Re-executes children as long as the specified Repeat on condition is true.

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    How flow service saved in Integration server?

    The flow service is saved as xml on disk i.e when not in used or if you want a local copy.

    But when loaded in IS, it loads as Java.

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    Which communication protocol used between IS and Terracota?

    TCP communication protocol used to communicate between IS and Terracota.

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