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    What is an Interface?Can we instantiate an interface?

    No, an interface can't be instantiated. Interface is similar to class. Interface can only have abstract methods. A class can implement an interface.

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    What is an abstract class?Can we instantiate an abstract class?

    A virtual function, equated to zero is called a pure virtual function. It is a function declared in a base class that has no definition relative to the base class. A class containing such pure function is called an abstract class.
    It objectives are
    • Provide some traits to the derived classes.
    • To create a base pointer required for achieving run time polymorphism.

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    What is Constructor? What is the purpose of default constructor? Does constructor return any value?

    Constructor are similar methods that are called when an instance of the class is created. The constructor doesn't explicitly returns a value but it does constructs something that as an instance can be used for that class.

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    What is super and this in java?How are this() and super() used with constructors?

    'super' keyword in Java is a reference variable which is used to access parent class objects.

    'this' keyword is a reference variable which is used to access current objects.


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    What is the difference between static and non-static variables?

    'static' is a keyword available in Java. The variable that is declared as static, is called as class variable. All instances share the same copy of the variable.

    Eg.: static int y=1;


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    What is an Iterator ? How do you traverse through a collection using its Iterator?

    Iterator allows to traverse the collection and also it has methods which enables to obatin or remove elements. ListIterator adds the feature of traversing the list bi-directionally, also modify the elememts.

    Eg.: Iterator itr = al.iterator();

           while(itr.hasNext()) {}

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    What is the List interface?

    List is subinterface of collection interface 

    List is objects can be stored in sequencelly order 

    List objects can be stored in index or access by its index

    List is preserve the order of insertion.

    List duplicate objects can be stored and also null insertion is allowed.

    list is 3 implemention classes

    1.ArrayList Class

    2.LinkedList Class

    3.Vector Class

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    What are the advantages of ArrayList over arrays ?

    arrays store only primitive type values and arraylist store primitive type

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    Can Primary key is a Foreign Key on the same table?

    Yes, Consider a category table in a e-commerce web site.
    Category_Id, Category_Name, Parent_Category_ID. In this table all the parent categories are also categories. When we create a self join category id will be treated as foreign key to the same table.

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    What is Normalization?

    Nnormalization is step by step process of spiliting the bigger table into smaller table without changing any functionality. This wil improve the performance.

    There are some way to normalize table 

    A. 1nf




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