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You are the manager of a factory named Nishant Private Ltd. You generally face the problem of attendance count of the employees and they take unnecessary benefit of the situation. Write a mail to the head manager for issue of card at factory while in or out of employees.
Question :: 4

Issue order - to display attendance cards - or employees or visitors while in or leaving factory

Points to Remember :


  • Besides the given phrases and outlines, you can also use your own to build the email content. But, please ensure that you make use of all the mentioned phrases.

  • Maintain proper salutations in the beginning and in the end.

  • Do not skip any of the given phrases or outlines

  • Read the question carefully and extract necessary details like signing and addressing information. Use this information ONLY if it is available in the question. If not, then you can use your own name with relevant designation. Please use “Regards”, “Thanks” and “Warm Regards” in the signature part.

  • It is always advisable to use simple English with perfect grammar, punctuation and no spelling mistakes in TCS email topics.

  • Similar to the TCS Email Writing Test, the time limit for Mock Test is 10 minutes. However, Practice set doesn’t have a time limit.

  • Please keep in mind the common grammar and punctuation rules and maintain proper words while constructing the sentences.

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