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Are you Applying to (Societe Generale) Société Générale? A French multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Paris, France. You can get here Process and practice Free Societe Generale Online Tests (Mock Test).

Societe Generale aptitude test questions

Societe Generale written tests have mainly two-section, General Aptitude, and Technical Aptitude. The total time allotted for this section is 75 Min.

General Aptitude section will have questions from arithmetic aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. This section will have total 25 questions. Candidates can expect an average/moderate level of question, however, time/question make it little tricky. If you are going to attend Societe Generale drive, then take all the mock tests listed here to have a good practice on time/question management. All the Societe Generale online Mock tests are FREE !!! and attempt as many times you want. All the question in the mock test are based on the same pattern and difficulty level of question are moderate as same as Societe Generale Written test.

You can take section wise mock test, to have better time control over the sections. Which will help you to learn time management and this will project in the given time how many questions you have attempted correctly. The result section will highlight the topic wise report (strong and weak area). Societe Generale Mock test is matter of time, where a candidate will get 50 questions from both sections to solve in 75 Min.

Q4Interview Societe Generale Mock test result will highlight per question time you have given to answer(correctly/Incorrectly), unanswered(seen/not seen). A complete competitive analysis of time, where you will get what is the average time to solve this question, what is fasted time and how many have solved correctly/incorrectly, this will help you to learn time management, and it will point where you must work on to improve your weak area. All these analyses are free and Free !!!

The Societe Generale India Practice question section have all type and level of question asked in the written round. Recommended solving all the questions listed on this page. You can start the timer before approaching to solve that question and judge your self and your preparation by comparing your answer with other analysis given for each question. Each question has the average time/ fast time/ max time to solve correctly, the percentage is given with respect to each option of question that helps you to observe which option other users have chosen. Societe Generale Practice Q&A

If you have cleared the Societe Generale written round, (~30-40% candidates clear this round) then next round will be a group discussion. Selected candidates will be divided into group of 10-12 members. You can expect the latest topic like corona covid-19 effect on the Banking sector. or corona covid-19 effect on World/India Economy. AI in the banking sector. etc. There is a high chance that topic will be related to the economy/banking sector, you can practice GD topic on Economy & Banking sector from here Economics, Business and Banking GD Topics.

You can practice all the listed GD topic asked in the previous drive of Societe Generale Societe Generale GD Topics.

All the qualified candidates from GD section will be called for the next 3 round i.e Technical round, Managerial round (Which will be the same as technical round only) and HR round.

Societe Generale interview questions for freshers

In the Technical round of Societe Generale, candidates can expect some basic common questions like introduce yourself. followed by a question from the resume, DBMS, SQL query, JAVA interview questions, etc. Always have some good hands-on programming, you can expect few programs in Technical round followed by Managerial round too. As you have to write asked programs on paper, so it is always recommended to tackle this round you must have practice on paper writing programs. As there is lot of difference, writing programs on system and paper. You must avoid too much correction, try to write clean program as much as possible before start writing program gives some time to think about the flow, functions, variables and more important logic.

You can go through all the question listed here, asked in the previous drive of Societe Generale Technical round Societe Generale Interview Q&A.

Societe Generale HR round Interview Q&A

In this round mostly question will be related to HR, like

- Tell me about yourself.

- your strengths and weaknesses?

- Why Societe Generale?

- What do you know about Societe Generale?

- Why do you want to work at our company?

- What is your greatest achievement? etc.

You can practice HR round related questions given here. HR Round Interview Q&A.

All the Best !!!
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