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Борис Смирнов Борис Смирнов1 month ago

Nagarro Aptitude Mock test | Nagarro Pool Drive 2021 | Nagarro Trainee Technology

Today (19th Sep 2020) Mettl Extension conducted Online MCQ round for Nagarro for 2021 batch.
Whole mock test was recorded by laptop webcam to avoid any cheating. Mettl Extension disqualified those candidates who found doing so.
The whole Mock test was 1 hour where they check your knowledge of aptitude, technical objective questions like Time complexity, the time complexity of merge sort and quick sort are there, tree traversal(inorder, preorder, postorder), BST, Linked list, the output of a given program and Data Structures and Algorithms. If you are dreaming to join the Nagarro, you must have a good understanding of the data structure. These two sections have a total 40 questions, 25 Aptitude and 15 from Data Structures.

You can take all the Nagarro mock test given here, also you can practice MCQs questions of DS and Nagarro practice questions. I got 3-4 question in DS section directly from this mock test and MCQ practice Questions, also it help me to manage the questions verses time.

Thanks .. waiting for written round result now.
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