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aditya rai3 months ago

sap labs coding questions

Please find below the sap labs coding questions asked in latest offcampus freshers drive 2020. out of 2 programming questions it was one of the program.

Sort a list of dates in ascending order given the data format shown below:

Each date is in the form ddmmmyyyy where
dd is the set {0-31}
mmm is in the set {Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
yyyy is four digits.

dates = {'01 Mar 2017';'03 Feb 2017';'15 Jan 1998']
The array dates sort to ['15 Jan 1998';'03 Feb 2017';'01 Mar 2017';]

Function Description
Complete the function sortDates in the editor below
SortDates has the following parameter:
string dates[n]; and array of string each field separated by space
string arr[n]: The function must return an array of date strings sorted chronologically ascending

c<= length of dates <=30
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vikas gupta3 months ago

SAP Interview Experience | Associate Developer ( Off-Campus)

Round 1: Written Round
SAP first round will be an Online Exam in which there are 17 questions related to DBMS, O.S, D.S, C, etc. Which is subdivided in 2 part (15 MCQs + 2 programming questions)10 MCQs are easy based on Data Structure, Operating System and 5 are quite complicated based on C (output predict). And the 2 coding questions like below:

Coding questions: 2 (Both related to string)
1. Closest number in the array (absolute difference) and print each pair with that absolute difference in the new line.
2. Find areas of any Shape with Ceiling value.

Round 2: Technical Round

Tell me about yourself
What is an interface in Java
What is an abstract class and abstract method in java
When to use interface and when to use the abstract class with example
Rate yourself in Data Structure
Write a program of an anagram(focused on approach)
The diamond problem in Cpp
What is used in java to resolve this problem
What is the primary key and foreign key?
Two tables are given, one with details of the person and another with the liking of their fruits. Find the id of those employees who don’t like an apple (topic: join, composite query, use of not in)
Any question? (It is good to ask the question: I asked about what is ABAP and ERP)

Round 3: Technical Round
After one hour I got a mail for another round in one hour:

1. Tell me about yourself
Pattern printing:
* * *
3. An array of string is given: x = [‘aaa’, ‘bb’, ‘aaa’, ‘abc’]

y = [‘aaa’, ‘abc’]

elements of x should always present in y with equal or less count if not than return false.

This round ends with discussing these two question along with database joins: Inner join, outer join, left join and right join.

Round 4: Managerial Round

First, the interviewer introduced himself, then asked me to give your brief introduction. The discussion is mainly on my projects in this round. I have created an android application so they asked me how to move from one activity to another in Android. Since I was having experience of few months in another firm the questions were based on what work you have handled there, what technology you worked on, what you have learned from there, what motivates you, what are your hobbies. I also asked about what they exactly want in a candidate. By this, the interview ended.
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aditya rai3 months ago

SAP Labs Interview Experience | Online Exam off-campus 2020

The placement process of the SAP consists of three rounds, with the first round which is a written round consisting of 17 questions. Total time of 1: 30 hours is given to solve these 17 questions. These 17 questions consist of 15 multiple choice questions and 2 programming questions that have to be solved. Data structure, DBMS, C, C ++, web development questions are asked in this placement round of SAP. Each topic consists of 2–4 multiple-choice questions.
Due to frequent panic and lack of proper time management during this placement round of SAP, candidates are not able to perform well. It is often seen that during the examinations, candidates spend most of their time solving multiple-choice questions. Due to which there is not enough time left to solve the programming questions due to which the candidates are not able to clear this round. Therefore, candidates should first solve programming questions.
If the programming questions are solved first, the candidate has a blueprint in his mind in which he knows very well how much time to give to which question. If you regularly prepare for the placement round of SAP here, your time management will be better during the exam and there will be no problems of any kind during the exam.
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