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Group Discussion all you need to know

 How can Q4Interview guide you get selected in a Group Discussion Round?

To sum up, Group Discussion is quite a systematic way of exchanging information, views, and opinions about any topic, issue, problem or a case study situation among the members of a group who share some common objectives. Q4I can help you crack this round of screening easily by giving out information about what is expected out of you in a group discussion. You get to be the smart one if you have all of these prerequisites beforehand. Q4I provides you with the group discussion topics, characteristics, the evaluation criteria, group discussion skills, the Do's and Don'ts and the FAQs you may need before you land up in a group discussion round. Q4I also helps you with sample topics to practice amongst your group of friends preparing for the same screening process. You can look for all GD preparation tips here. Keep scrolling, and we will brush up your skills!


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 It is always a better practice to read the instructions given in the question carefully before starting the answer.

 Always listen to the topic or the case statement very carefully.

 Start to put down your thoughts as soon as you get ideas.

 If you have a good hold about the subject knowledge, initiate the discussion.

 If you do not know about the topic, try and listen to others first.

 Listen to others if you don't know the subject.

 Always jot down facts and figures to support your argument.

 Speak for 25 to 30 seconds for 3 to 4 times in a group discussion.

 You should always give others a chance to speak, it is always appreciated.

 Be polite and pleasant.

 If you think you disagree with someone, put it in a polite way to them. The agreement should also be acknowledged.

 If you feel your group has now reached a conclusion, initiate and summarize it for all.

 Do not initiate the discussion if you do not have sufficient information, facts, and figures about the given topic. Your attempt to gain points might make you lose some.

 Never over speak your time, or intervene or take away other member's chance to speak.

 Arguing and shouting during a group discussion is never advisable.

 Never keep looking at the evaluators. Nor you should keep looking at a single team member.

 Never try to take the topic to an irrelevant discussion or distract it by wrong examples.

 Your body gestures should never be negative. Do not touch your nose, lean back or make noises by hitting pen on the table.

 Do not mention erratic statistics.

 Never display that you are running low on self-confidence with a shaky voice or trembling hands.

 Never be the dominating one.

 Do not put others in situations which can turn out to be embarrassing, like asking them to speak even if they don't wish to.

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