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  • There are two gates. One goes to hell and the other goes to heaven. The gatekeeper asks a puzzle to Sahil in order to decide which gate he should open for him. Obviously if Sahil answers the puzzle correct , the gate to heaven will be opened else the gate to hell. According to the problem Sahil is given n consecutive integers from 1 to n ,which are written in a row. He has to put signs "+" and "-" in front of them so that the expression obtained is equal to 0 or, if the task is impossible to do,then Sahil should tell the gatekeeper “No solution exists for the given problem “.The gatekeeper expects Sahil to find his answer in minimum time using an efficient approach rather than examining all possible ways to place the signs. Sahil comes to you considering you as his friend. Would you help him out to get to the solution ?

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