[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
Practice List of TCS Digital Coding Questions !!!
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Placement Paper ::

  • CGI-offcampus CGI placement process-bangalore
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1> Written:
There were 25 Questions u have to solve in 30 mins,12 is cut off!
I>1 to 5 English grammar questions like verb, tenses etc.
II>5to10 Paragraph u have to relate the words.
III>10 to 20 aptitude
a>profit & loss
b>time & work
e>Boolean etc.
IV>20 to 25 relationship questions may be in the form of paragraph or charts.

2>Group Decision:
a>social networking site good or bad.
c>Delhi rape case
I know only these topics.
Its not debate kind of but everyone gets time to speak about it.

3>Technical 1 followed by technical2 questions depend on ur profile.
Go prepared for technical.
I was interviewed for Testing:
Types of testing.
White box testing
Grey box testing
Regression testing
Test case template
Test case for water bottle, pen etc.

4>HR: It’s just formality round
Brief intro, go through about CGI, why CGI, general questions, hobbies.