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  • Attra Infotech-Bangalore Dec 2016 off campus
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Total four rounds will be there, only one round in a single day.
first round was group discussion.I attended the drive in October, that time one of the GD topic was ** Is RELIGION NECESSARY ? ** and the 2nd one ** Should marriage b compulsory ?** u can collect more topics on glassdoor.
Second round was written technical test, i got 4 questions and 2 hours of times to write the answers.I remember all four questions :
1. Write a program to sort the elements of array in decreasing order. u can write it in any language, its your choice. (10 marks)
2.Print the following pattern: (10 marks)
3. write case study for a login page. If the login is successful, redirect it to a TRASH page, in this page some items will be there, user can select one or more items and then they can delete the selected items. If the credentials are wrong load the home page again. (10 marks)
4. Write SQL query for a library management system.The details of the students as well as book details will be available. You have to write a query to find the students of a specific department who have taken most number of books. (20 marks).
This was quite tough round and few were called for next round.
Next was technical face to face interview.
He started with the famous question " Tell me about yourself",
then about my project and then the game started. He asked each and everything about my project, after knowing my role he asked to write J2EE code for fetching the data from database using result set. I wrote, he was very much concerned about the syntax. U know they keep your written round answer sheets, after the project they asked me to explain all the logic and code of all three programs, not case study. i answered.
Then again he asked me to write a program for space trimming, and the question was, take Nikhil kumar vats as input string, if the space between two words is more than one then trim the extra space and then display the string with only one space between the words. I started writing the program, but in few minute he stopped me and then said, explain whatever you have written till now. I explained.
He was quite happy, but still waiting for the HR round.
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