[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
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  • IBM-offcampus placement process-bangalore
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1st round - was online aptitude test containing questions of 18 number series and 18 of aptitude.
go through m4maths, Indiabix and Q4Interview placement papers of ibm for this round, you will definitely get either same ques or ques on same pattern. Q4Inerview online mock test was very helpful, most of the question were from that,
and also prepare well because today we get to know that in banglore drive they put very high cutoff of around 70%.

*2nd round - was online english assessment test,22 ques 20 min.
ques related to email writing,document,active passive voice,comma,semicolon etc are there and in this round also i got similar ques posted on indiabix.
*i guess they did all their screening in 1st two rounds so there was no GD round.
*3rd round - was tech+hr interview,which was mainly HR in my case but also prepare with technical ques and and whatever u write in your resume and also puzzles,projects.
tell me abt urself and project detail with diagram,these 2 questions are asked with almost everyone.
So guys work hard who are going to appear for IBM drive because there is no shortcut for success