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  • Accenture-Jaipiur, 23 Nov, 2016,
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1. Logarithms (most essential subject, for us there was 5 inquiries from this theme).

2. Number arrangement, straightforward conditions, basic intrigue and accruing funds,

normal, proportion, blend and claim, change and mix, likelihood.

Additionally experience points like time speed separate, trains, funnels and reservoir (there

was no doubt from these subjects for us).

Folks, quantz will be simple, don't stress, simply take care of essential issue in every subject.


Coding and translating, blood connection, and so on.

Most straightforward part, no planning required for this, so I have not composed all themes in

intelligent segment.

I finished my inclination test, and at around 8 pm I got the message from Accenture that I got

chose for the following round. I was glad. I arranged my resume that day (lol). I likewise

made an examination on organization foundations.

On the exact following day, there was a meeting, at 8:30 am we gathered. They separated into

group (a group of 5). Our own was the last cluster. We held up until 3 pm. At that point, our

meeting procedure began. They just made inquiries like,

- About venture,

- Some basic specialized question,

- Question like why Accenture,

- Are you happy with working in IT,

- How would you clarify IT for a little offspring of 10 years age.

Finally, they requested that leave.