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-------------- C WRITTEN TEST 1 HOUR -------------------

/* There were 13 questions from C and 2 questions from Logical section that were very simple*/

Q1) Write a program to display Xth bit of a given number.

Q2) What does in *p++ increment?

Q3) What is the difference between char a[]="string" and char *a="string" ?

Q4) What is the output?


Q5) What is the difference between array of pointers and pointer to an array ? Explain with example.

Q6) What is the output ?

int a, b, c, abc=0;
a = b = c = 40;

if(c) {
int abc;
abc = a+b*c;
printf("c=%d, abc=%d",c,abc);

Q7) What is the output?

int i=5;

i = i++ +i ++i;



Q8) Declare a function pointer and explain with an example using it.

Q9) What is the output?

#define ABC 20
#define XYZ 10
#define XXX ABC+XYZ

int a;

a = XXX * 10;



Q10)Write a data structure and print all its elements values implementing a function pointer.

Q11)Write a program to delete a given node from a single link list.

Q12)Write a program to reverse a string.

Q13)What will be the output?

char a[]="1234567890";
char p;

p = (a+1)[5];

Q14)Logical section question on a simple tricky diagram

Q15)Two numbers add to 110. One number is 150% than the other. What are the two numbers?