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  • Sopra Steria-Sopra Steria Interview Experience on Campus Amity Technical University NOIDA
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Sopra Steria visited our college, Amity Technical University NOIDA on 25 September 2019 for conducting Recruitment Drive for "Engineer Trainee Role".

Eligibility Criteria:
Aggregate of 70 % in Std X, XII, & Minimum 60% in Graduation / Post Graduation (all semesters including optional subjects)
No Active back-logs
Should not have more than 2 years of gap in the academic career

Round 1 (Technical Online Test):
The first round comprised of 30 MCQ questions including 15 Qs. from DBMS and 15 questions from Data structures (linked list majorly), OOPs, C/C++ output based questions, etc. This round was of 50 minutes and there was no negative marking. After submitting this round if cleared, then the message will be shown on the screen like "Congratulations and so on". This means that you are eligible to give the next round.
Most of the students were not selected because of a lack of knowledge in DBMS.

Suggestion: Take the DBMS mock test list at this website, also practice MCQs from Indiabix.

Round 2 (Aptitude Online Test):
Aptitude round comprised of 11 flow chart based fill in the bank questions, with no options provided. This round was of 75 minutes with no negative marking. Questions were very time consuming, hence I will suggest you practice them in advance.

Out of 242 students, only 25 were able to make it to Round 3. Round 3 was GD, but it was eliminated from the process because of fewer students.

Round 4 (HR Interview)
This was non eliminating round, in this HR asked questions like-
HR- What do you do in your free time?
HR- Suppose you are given a project and a team is assigned under you, so how will you plan and reach your goal?
HR- Are you comfortable in relocating?
HR- Are you comfortable with night shifts?
HR- Do you have any plans for higher studies?

Round 4 (Technical Interview)
The interviewer asked questions from Resume and some basic questions from the OOP concept and DBMS-
Explain about the projects you have worked on.
What is function overloading?
Write a program to find the number vowels in a given word.
What is the need of normalization?
What is the Cartesian product?
If there are two tables of 3 and 6 rows each then how many rows will be there after their Cartesian Product.
Difference between Cartesian Product and Join.
Explain left and right join.
What is used to find unique rows in a table?
Why is Foreign key used?