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  • Societe Generale-Societe Generale for Java profile Experience
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I recently attended an interview at Societe General for Java profile. It was a great experience that I got a call from one of the recurrent firms. I got a call from a few more companies but I choose this because this is one of the best firms to work with. Today I am going to share you my interview experience with you.

First-round was online test. In which I have to face all the multiple-choice questions belonging from different sections such as quant, English as well as Thread, Exception and Data Structure problems. After facing this round, I was qualified for the second round.

I got a call after some time for second-round that was Face to Face Interview,

I attended this round at Societe general, Interviewer began with a short presentation about myself and my experience. The questioner got some information about any on-going projects. There was no time limit so I give him the fundamental arrangement, he didn't request that I enhance it either. Then a couple of HR question was asked like For what valid reason Societe Generale, and so on.

Then I called for HR discussion, I thought this was the last round and I was again approached to clarify my Digital Image Processing venture. At that point the HR asked me questions like – For what reason would you like to join our organization, what do you wish to improve about yourself before venturing into the corporate world, and so on.

After that HR told me to have to attend one more Managerial round over the phone and said that you have to answer some more HR questions.

The third round was telephonic and she asked me regarding my previous work, which projects I was leading or working for.

Finally, I got an offer letter and undoubtedly I accepted it. My overall interview experience was great and I just want to advise that keep yourself motivated during the interview.