[Updated] Goldman Sachs Aptitude Test Questions and Answers
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Placement Paper ::

  • Cognizant-DR. B.C.Roy engineering college Durgapur on-campus drive at 25th and 26th of September 2019, TR/HR interview date was given on 26th October
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Cognizant had campus drive in ou college, and its first round was conducted on the 25th and 26th of September. The test was taken through AMCAT, and there were a total of 4 sections-
(I) Aptitude,
(II) Verbal,
(III) Logical, and
(III) Automata fix.
All will be based on AMCAT pattern which is quite easier. Automata questions were based on some codes in which there was some error in between them and you had to rectify and correct them and run them properly, and you have to solve it quickly because only 20 minutes were given for 7 questions.
Out of 7 question 5 will be debugging, and 2 will be logical coding. Remeber it, switch to next question if think that you can't solve it because only 20 mins for debugging. I cleared first round, I was called for technical interview.
The results for the first round got declared and I qualified the first round. The interview date was given on 26th October.

Technical interview:
I was little nervous on that day. I waited outside, my name was called. I entered the panel.

TR - Introduce yourself.
Me - Told about my schooling; hobbies; stream; college; certifications.

TR - What's your favorite subject?
Me - Told C and Java.

TR - Can you find the 2nd max Element from the array.
Me - Wrote the logical part of the code and explained him.

TR - Find the frequency of the array elements (As the array contains some repetitive elements)?
Me - Again wrote the logical part of the code and explained him.

TR - Can you explain the concept of Abstraction with an example?
Me - Told and Explained.

TR - What is Class and Object?
Me - Explained.

TR - Can you find any object in the code of sorting you have written?
Me - I explained that C is a procedural language and java is object-oriented language. As object is a real-world entity so its only applicable in the object-oriented language like Core Java not in the procedural language like C.

TR - Do you have any Questions?
Me - Asked him about my areas of improvement..

TR - Thank you. Wait for the result?
Me - Thank you sir.

HR Interview
HR - How's your day?
Me - Good mam.

HR - Introduce yourself apart from what written in your CV.
Me - Told.

HR - Can you told me some sentences why Listening Skills are important in our life?
Me - Told.

HR- Tell me something about our country India?
Me - Told

HR - Do you have any Relocation problem and the shift timings of Cognizant?
Me - No.

HR - Sign here. (It was a declaration about timings, relocation)
Me - Signed.

HR - Thank you.
Me - Thank you ma'am.