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  • Hexaware Technologies-personal experience campus pool drive in Hyderabad 2018
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Hi all,
I am sharing here my personal experience of Hexaware recruitment. Hexaware technologies conducted a campus pool drive in Hyderabad. My college was one of those eligible ones and we attended the drive. It went for two days and there are five rounds.
First round is written test. One of the colleges hosted the test and Co-Cubes conducted the written test. There are three sections. Aptitude, reasoning and technical sections. There is cut-off mark for each section, so each section is important. Yet, the two sections aptitude and reasoning are easier to answer. They asked questions mostly from percentages, time and work, speed and distance. Technical questions were from basic programming concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, etc., some questions from C and C++, DBMS concepts like concurrency control. All programming questions were to identify the output or the error from the given code snippet. There were few questions from Networking and Operating Systems too.
Next round was group discussion. The same college organized the GD round too. There were 15 members in each group. After announcing the topic, they gave enough time to brainstorm and gather points about the topic, then speak about it. After everyone expressing their views, they asked for debate and then conclude in 15 minutes. The topics were good and trending like Android vs IOS, Cryptocurrency.
Next round was technical interview where most of the questions were from the technologies I mentioned on my resume and my project. Additionally, there are questions from DBMS, programming concepts and Java. And few questions from trending topics like blockchain and cloud computing. Then I was asked to write a program to count the capital letters in a given string. After writing the program, I was asked to explain it.
And the last but one was HR round where the HR asked for regular questions from my resume and few technical questions like C++ and Java concepts which I mentioned in my resume. It is always better to update skills in your resume which you are very sure of.
And the final round is Versant round where your English proficiency is tested. Pearson conducted this round where most of the questions are around English grammar. They also check for your typing speed and analytical skills. You should be able to understand the language in foreign accent.
Overall experience was good and there was no hassle at all. Stay confident and project yourself with ever-learning attitude. You will get through this.