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  • TCS-National Qualifier test for 2019 batch selection process
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Hi friends,
I have attended TCS National Qualifier test for 2019 batch freshers recently and here are my experiences.
There are three rounds as Written test (Online), Face to face (Technical) and HR round.
Written test is an objective paper with 4 sections.
English comes in section 1. There are 10 questions and the time is 10 minutes. It is not so hard to crack as the questions were passage based. You can refer to the given passage and answer the questions. But you will have to be good with tenses, articles and all parts of speech.
Section 2 is on quantitative aptitude. There are 20 questions and the time is 30 minutes. Most of the questions are covered from school level topics. This is an important round where you can score high if answered properly. But remember, there is negative marking for multiple choice questions.
Next section is programming efficiency. There are 10 questions and most of them are basic programming questions covered from C, Data structures, pointers and algorithms like sorting and merging. The questions are framed around error detection in the given code snippets, guessing the output for the given code snippets, etc.
And the last section is Coding. There is only one question and you have 20 minutes of time. My question was on series. You can crack this round by practicing easy logics regularly. One should clear all the rounds to get shortlisted.
And the next round is Face to face one which is a technical round. I was asked questions from my resume. Be sure that you are aware of all the things you mention on your resume. And some questions were from my final year project too. Most of the technical questions were on C language, Data structures, RDBMS, networking, OS and some basic questions on current trending topics like Artificial Intelligence. Whatever your answer is, you should give it with confidence and this impresses your interviewer.
And the last one was HR round where you will be asked some general questions like your educational background, achievements, etc. Only thing they see here is your positive attitude.
If you score well in the first two rounds, then HR round is just not so hard to crack.
All the best.