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  • TCS-Hyderabad TCS Ninja Experience 2018
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Hello friends,
I am Karthik and I am doing B. Tech final year in Hyderabad. Recently, I have attended TCS interview in my college and I would like to share my experiences with you.
There are two rounds, one written test and another face to face interview where both technical and HR rounds are covered at a time.
1. Written test:
For the first round, we all were asked to sit according to the seating arrangement in front of the systems. Each of us are given Ids and are asked to login into the test using those Ids. Password was announced by the invigilator for all at once. After logging in, we were asked to click on 'Start Test' and it launched a test screen locking all other browsing options on the system.
Coming to the questions, there are three sections.
I. English - There are 10 questions. All are from easy to moderate level questions.
II. Quantitative Aptitude - There are 20 questions. General topics like Averages, Profit and Loss, Speed and distance, Time and work, etc. are covered.
III. Programming concepts - 10 questions in total. Basic concepts like OOPs, SDLC, Java, C are covered.
IV. Coding - Only one question was given and asked to write a program. Mine was on pointers.
It is not mandatory to answer all the questions. We can skip if we don't know the answer for any question. And there is negative marking so be sure before answering.
And those who score above the cutoff mark are considered as passed in the written test. We did not get our scores immediately. TCS sent mails for all the candidates who cleared the written test and another round was scheduled for them.
2. Face to Face:
I got the mail from TCS and they gave skype meeting details in the mail to attend the next round. There are three in the panel, one HR and two technical interviewers. Most of the technical questions are from OOPs concepts, basic java, collections and threads concepts, few from web technologies like HTML, few RDBMS concepts and SQL queries and some latest industry booming concepts. After technical discussion, HR asked about location constraints if I can relocate to Bangalore for which I said yes.

And the interview ended.
To sum up, they tested your language and analytical skills, technical and communication skills. But confidence is something you should always maintain throughout the process.

By the way, I got the offer letter within a week.