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  • GREEDGE-Kolkata, 26/04/2018
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I attended the interview of GREEDGE in the month of April,18. It was for two posts : one was for working in the department of sales and other was as a mentor/teacher(GAAT). I gave the test for the GAAT(Graduate Academic Analyst Trainee). First of all they take a psychometric test in which there were 4 sections. The section A and B were of the subjective type. It included many general questions related to teaching and your personal skills. Some of them are as follows:
Who is your favorite teacher and why?
What is the name of your favorite book and why?
Who has inspired you the most in your life and how?
Write something about your likes and dislikes?
Mention some positive words or phrases which come across your mind.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Have you given any exams like CAT, XAT or taken coaching for them? Share your experience.
Why teaching is the best profession and the worst profession?
What changes you feel require in the process of teaching?

So these are some of the questions from part A and B. Part C and D were all mcq questions which were situation based.

In the interview round, they first of all took another written test in which the question paper was English based consisting of Reading Comprehension, some fill in the blank type question and some decision based subjective questions. This was not an elimination round.

After this round, they gave the ppt and then conducted the interview. In the interview round in which they asked to correct the questions which were wrongly attempted in the test. They asked few basic questions like:

Tell me something about yourself.
What do you want to join this company? If you are from a technical background, they will surely ask this question and you need to convince them properly else your chance is out.

They give the job location in Chennai. So they asked if you would be comfortable working there?

What is your family background? Will your parents allow you to work so far?

After this round, there was a final round which is conducted in Chennai. That is also HR based. I couldn't make up till that round but some of my friends did.

This job is completely for those who don't want to work in a technical field and have basic communication skills, confidence and convincing capability. The package they offered was around 5 lpa.

I hope this information is useful. Thank you.