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  • Softsquare-Software Engineer Trainee Interview 25 Oct, 2017
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I applied through consulting in Bangalore. It was one day process.
1. First round - Quantitative Aptitude, DBMS, few programming questions.
2. Second round - Technical interview - Full programming test based on basic knowledge, algorithms, logic, syntax.
Some Questions were like
> Counting repeated no.of digits or alphabets in a given string,
> DBMS SQL queries,
> Reverse of a string with/without function,
> Example for Polymorphism,
> Infinite function calling.
> Two programs were asked like 1. swapping of two number without third variable 2. sum of the upper triangle of the matrix

3. Third round - Personal interview - Exchange of knowledge about candidate and company, company's terms and conditions, personal questions about candidate, any queries about company.
I was selected on October 21, 2016 with above interview process. Moreover there will be another two rounds of interview.