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  • TCS-pondicherry university, 6th Oct,2017
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I recently participated in an On-campus TCS recruitment drive and it was a wonderful experience .
TCS recruitment process consists of 2 parts:
1) 90 min test consisting of:
1.) email writing of 10 min
2.)aptitude questions of 40 min
3.)C concept MCQ of 20 min
4.)1 coding question based on C of 20 min.
2)Technical + HR interview

For me First round was easy as I was the part of career-75 due to which I have to give only 50 min test consisting of email writing, C mcq and 1 coding question.
For clearing this round, one should have good command on basics of C.
For C mcq i have read topics like Standard library functions,pointers,command line ,structure,file handling,String,Header Files and so on..
For Coding question, I have practiced basic things like prime number,palindrome , square root, fibonacci, decimal to binary, decimal to octal and so on .. using the concept of command line .

In 2nd round, my marks gave the first impression to the interviewers, they were highly impressed by my 10th,12th and B.Tech marks (In 10th I have got 10 CGPA, In 12th 90 % and In B.Tech 9.35). After seeing my marks they told me that they would love to have me in TCS. and then asked some General Knowledge Questions and then they asked me As you have good marks then you have taken IT and why you want to join TCS. Then they asked me my best subject, I told them I have basic idea on every subject, so you can ask any of them but they told me to choose any one subject, then I told them to ask from C.
They asked me various questions :
Interviewers: Write down the structure syntax ?
Me:- wrote and explained
Interviewers: write down pointer syntax?
Me:- wrote and explained
Interviewers: Difference between structure and pointers?
Me:- Told
Interviewers:write down the code for insertion in doubly linked lists?
Then they told me write the structure syntax used in doubly linked lists?
Me:- Told
Interviewers:-Write the code for fibonacci series?
Me:- Wrote and explained
Then they gave me one DBMS question and asked me to write down the query.