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Placement Paper :: McAfee

  • McAfee-placement paper & interview experience, Chennai
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->First 3 rounds of telephonic interview (All were technical)
It was a call from Sutherland whose one of many clients is McAfee and they were interested in hiring me based n the scores Sutherland recorded by my performance in the Campus Placement Drive.
The process was lengthy and the duration it took to complete the whole process too but the effort was worth it.
Initially, I was asked about my knowledge of database management and SQL, the technical part was taken care of in the telephonic rounds as they also wanted to check my language and patience.
The next round was on languages and they dig deep this time in SQL and PL\SQL. They asked which language I do know and rate that on a scale of 1 to 10.
Accordingly, the questions were asked. And the final technical round was on basics of Operating System, malware and a touch on networking.

Final HR Interview
For the final round was to check on my STABILITY. On how long will be staying with the company and the minimum duration because at the start there is training involved and they just won't afford to loose and waste there effort.
1) Run me through your profile.
2) Tell me about the national flag
3) Is there a wall behind you
4) If your family moves to another place, will you too?
5) Why start with us?
6) How did your school life go ?
7) What makes you feel you can produce result even in the pressure situations?(question from the resume)
8) Why did you fail in your previous interviews?