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In each of the following questions two statements are given. Which are followed by two conclusions I and II. Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements.

All cakes are ice-creams.
All ice-creams are toffees.

I. All cakes are toffees.
II. All toffees are ice-creams.

AOnly conclusion (I) follows.

BOnly conclusion (II) follows.

CEither (I) or (II) follows.

DNeither (I) nor (II) follows .

EBoth (I) and (II) follow.

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Manish Joshi1 day ago

what if there would be cement in the option as  well..... What would be the answer and explaination???????????????

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ankur yadav1 month ago

explaination nhi dena tha to show explanation ka option hi kyo diya

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ayushi solanki1 month ago I


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Shivangi Raj1 month ago

answer should be a

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