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TCS NQT Technical and Managerial Round Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: Oracle Apps HRMS

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    What are the use of Date Track?

    • It is used to maintain the record history by creating a new record when the date track mode is UPDATE and override on the existing record when the Data track mode is CORRECTION.

    • The value of the Data Track record depends on the date.

    • Tables ending with _F are date track tables.

    • To control data tracked rows, every Date Track table must include Effective_start_date

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    What is the use of Object Version Number?

    1) It is used to capture the latest record from the data base table.
    2) When a row is inserted its number is set to 1.
    3) If any updates performed on the row then the OVN is incremented.
    4) Every API has the OVN parameter.
    5) For create API this parameter is defined as an OUT parameter.
    6) For update API this parameter is defined as an IN OUT parameter.
    7) The APIs use it to check a row has been updated by another user, to prevent overwriting their changes.

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    What is the Element?

    It is a Data Structure which is used to hold information for both Human Resources and Payroll.

    In Human Resources elements may represents compensation types including Earnings such as Salary, Hourly Wages and Bonuses.

    In Payroll, elements constitute all the items in the Payroll run process.

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    What are the Classification Priorities?

    (i) Information

    (ii) Non-Payroll

    (iii) Earnings

    (iv) Pre-Tax Deductions

    (v) Tax Deductions

    (vi) Employer Tax

    (vii) Voluntary Deductions

    (viii) In Voluntary Deductions

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    What are the Element can represent?

    Earnings: such as Salary, Wages & Bonuses
    Benefits: such as employee stock & pension plans
    Non-Payroll items: such as Expenses
    Absences from work
    Voluntary and In-Voluntary deductions
    Employer Taxes and other Liabilities.

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    What are the Element Entry Concepts?



    Recurring Entries can exists over many Payroll periods

    Non-Recurring Entries are valid for single Payroll period only.

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    How can we add a new input value to an existing Element?

    To add an additional input values to an existing Element if the element has not been processed in a Payroll run and the Effective data is the same date of creation of the Element.

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    What is the use of ID_FLEX_NUM?

    It is used to define the Structure Definition.

    The Structure Definition is held in FND_ID_FLEX_STRUCTURES

    The Structure Segment Definition is held in FND_ID_FLEX_SEGMENTS

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    What is the Element Link?

    Links identify one or more assignment components that must be included in an employee's assignment for them to be eligible.Elements can, but they don’t have to, be linked by: Organization GroupJob PositionGrade LocationEmployment Category (i.e., Fulltime-Regular, Part-time-Regular) Payroll Salary Basis

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    What is API?

    • API is packaged procedure which can be used as an entry point into Application.

    • The advantage of using an API is we can enter new information or alter the existing data without manual enters the information into the Application.

    • APIs allow users to maintain HRMS information without using Oracle Application forms.

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