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Technical Interview Questions and Answers :: WebMethod

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    Difference between savepiplelinetofile & savepipline?

    pub.flow:savePipelineToFile - WmPublic. Saves the current pipeline to a file on the machine running webMethods Integration Server.This service is helpful in the interactive development or debugging of an application. In some cases, however, using the Pipeline debug property for the debugging of an application is more efficient.

    pub.flow:savePipeline - WmPublic. Saves a pipeline into memory, for later retrieval with pub.flow:restorePipeline.After a successful invocation of savePipeline, a snapshot of pipeline fields will be saved in

    memory under the key provided by $name. Note that because the pipeline is saved to memory, it will not be available after a server restart. This service is helpful in the interactive development or debugging of an application

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    What is a tracePipeline?

    WmPublic. Writes the names and values of all fields in the pipeline to the server log. Prior to Integration Server 7.1, Integration Server used a number-based system to set the level of debug information written to the server log. Integration Server maintains backward compatibility with this system.

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    What is purpose of clearPiplenine?

    WmPublic. Removes all fields from the pipeline. You may optionally specify fields that should not be cleared by this service.

    Input - Preserve


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    How to parse flatfile?

    Step 1: Create Appropriate Flat File Schema

    Create a flat file schema to be used for conversion and validation of the document. Here we have first create a dictionary and then same set in schema.

    Step2:Receive the Flat File

    Invoke the pub.file:getFile service to retrieve the file from the local file system.

    Step3 : Parse Flat File Data to an IS Document

    To parse a flat file using a flat file schema, and to convert the data into IS documents. We can call the convertToValues service.

    Step 4: Process the IS Document

    Now we can process IS document .As per the requirements we can map the data.

    ·In the Developer Navigation Panel, select the saved flat file schema, click the Flat File Structure tab, and then click Icon ‘Create Document Type’. This creates an IS document type in the same folder as the schema with the same name of Schema name. On the Pipeline tab under Service In, in the ffSchema variable specify the location and name of the flat file schema.

    ·Perform the following to add a Document Reference to the IS document type that is based on the flat file schema.

    On the Pipeline tab click under Pipeline Out, Select Document Reference to add a new document reference variable or else choose the IS document type created in step 1 of this procedure .

    ·On the Pipeline tab under Service Out, map the value of the ffValues variable to the·document reference variable created in this procedure and save the service.

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    What is trigger throttle?

    The Queue Capacity Throttle reduces the capacity and refill levels for all the trigger queues by the same percentage. For example, if you set the Queue Capacity Throttle to 50% of maximum, a trigger queue with a capacity of 10 and a refill level of 4 will have an adjusted capacity of 5 and an adjusted refill level of 2.

    The Integration Server Administrator provides an Execution Threads Throttle that you can use to reduce the execution threads for all concurrent triggers by the same percentage. For example, if you set the Execution Threads Throttle to 50% of maximum,the Integration Server reduces the maximum execution threads for all concurrent triggers by half. A concurrent trigger with a maximum execution threads value of 6, has an adjusted maximum execution threads value of 3.

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    What is subscription trigger?

    Triggers, specifically webMethods messaging triggers, establish subscriptions to publishable document types. Triggers also specify the services that will process documents received by the subscription. Within a trigger, a condition associates one or more publishable document types with a service.

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    What is best way for appending a doc a list?

    Stay away from appendToDocumentList and use PSUtilities service addToList.

    Performance is badly hit with appendToDocumentList.

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    What are type of doc in WM?

    IDATA type. This format can be processed be wM.

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    what will happen when publish doc deleted?

    The trigger listening to that publishable document wont be invoked.

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    What is purpose of iterate in convertToValue?

    Whether you want to process the input all at one time.

    false : Processes all input data at one time. This is the default.

    true : Processes top level records (children of the document root) in the flat file schema one at a time. After all child records of the top level record are processed, the iterator moves to the top level of the next record in the flat file schema, until all records are processed =

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